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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation


This website is designed to offer experiences, events, profound healing and wisdom in support of your self-empowerment;

to move through these stressful experiences and to work towards that person that you would like to become.

Believe it or not, the reality is that we have the ability to become

"on the inside” that stable, balanced professional who has it all.

Open the Door To The New You

From experience gained from my own self healing journey, I can be a guide to your self healing journey. 

Why LyonHart Amrie?

Experience the energy and frequency behind this website and the work that
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International Women’s Day brought into my world some lovely vibrations, beautiful honoring words spoken and a genuine...

To Keep Our Word or Not?

When I am dancing, I feel joyful, exhilarated and in my heart. I am present to my body, the music, the rhythm, and the movement. My head gives up on thinking and my energy instead goes towards feeling and being. It is an opportunity for me to be present and experience “in the moment.” and a great tool to help us be our true selves.

Most of humanity functions daily from the mental plane, living in patterns from their past or projecting themselves into their future. This is energetically exhausting and makes it hard to get into contact with our hearts, our inner voices, and the guidance of Spirit regarding our Divine paths. Being in the mental plane and thinking about the past and future during the present moment also makes our lives more stressful, anxious, and can mean that life goes so quickly, without us truly taking the time to live it.

By living in the now we create trust in ourselves and the universe. For example, we can let go of concerns about our performance, our abilities, and the outcome. By living in the now our past experiences will not be re-created, and we will not manifest a future of the same continued story. We can cultivate an experience of personal truth as we get in touch with how we really feel rather than what has happened previously or what we feel the future has in store for us. By attuning to this consciousness, we can find new levels of freedom, peace, and self-love and that is definitely worth the “mind fullness” that it takes to be more present.

Of course, it's not just dance that can help us understand how to engage with ourselves in this way. Other hobbies like art, cooking, walking, as well as everyday chores like cleaning, grooming, and traveling to work, can also be of great benefit. All we have to do is live and be present in each moment of that experience, bringing ourselves back into the now, when our minds wander, returning to feeling rather than thinking. These activities are a great way to engage in a type of meditation and self-care. It will take practice to get to where you want to be, but the outcome of living a more authentic, stress-free, trusting life is worth it. Give it a go while chopping your vegetables for dinner this evening or while walking. Just keep aligning with yourself, your truth, and your heart; experience the difference this can make for you.   Photo credit: Luis Cabrera Suarez and Diamond Multimedia Productions

Stepping Away

With the busy and often stressful lives that we lead, surrounded by technology, instant communication and media, it’s hard to not get overwhelmed by all the energy that is around us. This is why it is so important to take time out to rest, to recuperate and to switch off. If we are constantly ‘filled up’ with external energy, we get blocked, tired and out of balance. We also find it very hard to hear our truth, our inner voice and the guidance we need to keep moving forwards on the right path.

Stepping away from our day to day lives gives us the opportunity to rest, revitalize, and gain a fresh prospective on things. It gives us time for much needed self-care, time to appreciate what we have, and time to stop and be in the bounty of nature and its rejuvenation properties. Disconnecting from the virtual world gives us the chance to engage with others in the moment. This is very soothing for our heart and creates a ‘feel good response’ within us.
So I challenge you to be able to take at least 1 experience of ‘switching off’ this week, knowing that it is helping you to feel better on so many levels.