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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation


This website is designed to offer experiences, events, profound healing and wisdom in support of your self-empowerment;

to move through these stressful experiences and to work towards that person that you would like to become.

Believe it or not, the reality is that we have the ability to become

"on the inside” that stable, balanced professional who has it all.

Open the Door To The New You

From experience gained from my own self healing journey, I can be a guide to your self healing journey. 

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Things have been rapidly shifting and aligning lately. Humanity is undergoing rapid shifts of consciousness which is pushing...

A Meditation to Support Us at these Times of Stress and Corvid 19

Dear Ones,

Peace to You, and Spirit Be With You.

Right now, we are all being heavily impacted by the media, our friends and family and of course our own internal emotions.

As the Covid-19 Coronavirus global pandemic sweeps across the world, taking lives, we are indeed in tumultuous times. Over 146,000 lives have been lost to this virus all over the world, of which over 11,000 lives have been lost in New York City alone.

In New York, so many of us are grieving or upset. Literally, our world has changed in an instant, by the loss of our loved ones and friends, or by the fact that they are sick or now fighting for their lives. At the same time, we also are concerned for our own physical safety as there are so many infected people. Some of you who have been deemed as essential workers must go to work every day, risking your own health and well-being, and you fear risking the health and well-being of your family. For those of us staying at home and in quarantine, we deal with being physically isolated, no or significant loss of income, not being able to pay our bills, and concern for our own health and well-being, and that of our family, loved ones and friends. For us in New York, this is just not news or the media; this is real life and it is significantly impacting us all on so many levels - physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically.

To help with this impact and the weight it brings, we must at this time energetically detach from the things that drain us, so that we can hold ourselves in balance, maintain our energy, and find our peace.
I recently recorded a video that facilitates this process via a meditation exercise and I am sharing it here below. It is less than 10 minutes long and allows us to disconnect from the negative energy of situations, circumstances and people, so we can keep aligned to our own personal energy.

So if you are feeling stuck, restricted, and overwhelmed with all that is going on around you, I really recommend it. It will not only support new levels of calm by making the energetic detachment, it will bring a feeling of relief inside, allowing your personal balance and energy levels to be restored and retained.

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