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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation


This website is designed to offer experiences, events, profound healing and wisdom in support of your self-empowerment;

to move through these stressful experiences and to work towards that person that you would like to become.

Believe it or not, the reality is that we have the ability to become

"on the inside” that stable, balanced professional who has it all.

Open the Door To The New You

From experience gained from my own self healing journey, I can be a guide to your self healing journey. 

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By allowing ourselves to feel more deeply, we may find that our negative emotions come to the surface more easily, which include feelings of...

Practical Re-birth

After all the purging, moving and change that I have been doing the last few months, I am starting to feel the energies of re-birthing, not just internally, but in my environment also. This has been occurring in my life in many different ways. Here are some main points, that you might resonate with.

*Life feels more positive and hopeful
*More motivated to work on things that I have been wanting to work on for a while and have not had an opportunity to work on
* Strong and persistent feelings to do something creative and to manifest them
*New opportunities arise - keep an eye out for all the new things that come your way, as the universe gives you the options for you to choose your next steps
*A new identity is emerging - re-birthing can appear in a new sense of style, and re-decorating your home in order to express your internal changes externally.

The energies of re-birth are certainly times to enjoy, celebrate and savor as you create and establish the next chapter in your book of life. So, who is with me in feeling the rebirth energy right now? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo and editing credit: Luis Cabrera Suarez and Diamond Multimedia Productions

Current Inspiration

Current Energies

The recent weather situation of Hurricane Ida combined with my personal experience leads me here today to consider how we process our emotions.
A hurricane starts small and builds and builds, gaining more momentum and energy as it goes along. When reaching its peak, it can cause mass destruction and death, as it has done in my local area.
Our emotions are actually quite similar. If we do not allow ourselves to feel them, process them, and release them, they can be destructive. If we push our emotions away, force them down, or limit their role in our lives, then our emotions can either explode externally in rage, frustration and pain, or they can implode internally causing disease and illness.

Processing our emotions is as simple as:
* Accepting we have emotions, and acknowledging that they can come up at anytime
* Feeling our emotions and allowing them to be a part of our conscious day-to-day existence.
* Not judging our emotions, whatever comes up for us is perfectly okay
Most of us have resistance to at least one of the above. We predominantly live in our brain and our mental plane rather than in our heart and with our emotions. Living in our brains, we construct self-defense mechanisms and resistance to wanting to feel and experience our emotions. Feeling our emotions and feelings more is something we all need to work on. This is why I am sharing these thoughts with you, as something to reflect upon and to consider in your pursuit of well-being. This weekend why not try to take some time to tune-in to how you are feeling, rather than what you are thinking and see what comes up for you. You may be surprised and learn something new about yourself.
While Hurricane Ida may be gone, leaving lots of clean-up work, but the learning we can take from its energy is a silver-lining for us all.

*Photo taken yesterday after the storm.